Best Hospital in BHiwani

Welcome To BYN Hospital | Best Hospital in Bhiwani

BYN Hospital is one of the best hospital in bhiwani, district.

Easy Accessibility

BYN Hospital is easily accessible to Patients from the city, Semi-Urban and rural areas nearby. BYN Hospital is situated at Loharu road in village Lohani. District Bhiwani.

Cashless Treatment

The Hospital is on the Panel of following TPA’s as well as Govt. and Non Govt. organization’s for the cashless treatment :

▶ Future General India Ins. Co. Ltd.
▶ Star Health Insurance
▶ ECHS Panel

We provide the best care to every patient through clinical practice, education and skills. BYN Hospital provides so many services such as Emergency ward, Ambulance services, blood tests and other test like X-ray and our priority is to provide the best treatment to each patient.

Best Hospital in BHiwani

Our Values

Best Excellence

We enable you to bridge the gap between treatment and lifestyle in a caring.


treatment when you need it; no need to wait on the safe and secure care.

Best Treatment

Advanced medical, surgical and oncological treatments.

Low Cost Services

Cost-efficient Quality Care & value-for-money treatments and services.