Department of Dietetic

Department of dietetic

BYN Hospital

The main objectives of department of Dietetic clinical services.
1. Diet is prescribed and implemented by Dietician in consulting with the doctors.
2. Individual diet connselling along with diet chart provided to indoor as well as outdoor Patient.

Meal Services

Meal Services are Provided to general as well as Private wards Patients . In the entire Hospital meals are centralized. We cares to Patients who are on special feeds and diets .

Quality control measures:

1) Quality of food is checked by dietician regularly. Perishable items like fruits, milk, cheese vegetables and eggs are stored in deep freezer.
Dry ration like grais are stored in spacious store room which is regularly cleaned and given anti rodent anticockroch treatment routinely.

2) Food Preparation: A standard diet schedule is followed for normal and therapeutic diet and feeds. The meal is prepared in hygienic conditions. Routine medical examination are done for food handles once in six months. Food handlers are taught theme about the cleanliness and hygienic food preparation and services on regular basis.

24*7 Pharmacy

24*7 Pharmacy.

24*7 Trauma Care

24*7 Trauma Care.

Special Care

Special Care for Poisoning and Snake Bite.

Our Qualities

Coordinated Care

The seamless functioning of our hospital internal communication between Staffs and Patients.

Professional Staff

Best practices and Professional Trained Doctors.

Transparent Pricing

Our hospitals to create a transparent pricing structure that is readily available to the patients.

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